This Tourist’s Bizarre TripAdvisor Review Of Lake District Baffles The Internet

This Tourist’s Bizarre TripAdvisor Review Of Lake District Baffles The Internet

It may come as a shock to some that, given the Lake District National Park has lake it is name, it may have a lake or two. But, one TripAdvisor user didn’t make the connections as on his visit to the popular tourist spot he was horrified to find that there was water, well, everywhere.

User, FightCoward, left a review after visiting last year and commented that there were “too many lakes” and advised others who “find lakes unpleasant” because they are “too wet”, to steer clear of the park in the future.

The review, which is either a brilliant bit of satire or the inane ramblings of a madman was titled “Too many wet lakes!” and in the reivew they wrote: “As somebody who is not fond of lakes (too wet) I was expecting there to be some lakes but not this many!! By God there are lakes EVERYWHERE!! My advice is to steer clear if you find lakes unpleasant as they can’t really be avoided.”

One user, reacted to the review as everyone else reading would commenting “the clue’s in the name!” and another agreed writing “done their homework they should have known how many lakes there are”.

As you can imagine, the overall reviews of the Lake District are postitive with most rating the National Park “excellent”, but this user however might want to take his next holiday in the Sahara Desert if he finds water so displeasing.

This isn’t the first time that someone on TripAdvisor has been left unsatisfied by the unmatched beauty of the Lake District, with another user coming out with a crazy review not disimilar to this.

One disaapointed visitor didn’t quite get the Lake District experiene. After a trip to the beautiful Lake District last year, one user wrote: “There was too much water for my liking not enough free Wi-fi. Thought the place was a bit boring too many ducks.”

After taking a trip to one of the most amazing national parks in the country, some TripAdvisor users were left less than impressed by the Lake District National Park.

The beauty spot stands at 931 metres tall and boasts some fantastic views across the Lake District National Park. One TripAdvisor reviewer wasn’t happy with the thing and left her thoughts about Skiddaw naming it a ‘weak and poorly developed visitor attraction’.

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