This Lake District Mountain Receives Brutal 1-Star TripAdvisor Review For Being ‘Too High’

This Lake District Mountain Receives Brutal 1-Star TripAdvisor Review For Being ‘Too High’

We’ve all been on TripAdvisor for some tips and inspiration for places we are intending to visit. It’s a great place to gauge what you are in for when venturing to somewhere new, but this TripAdvisor review about the Lake District leaves you wondering ‘what was this person expecting?’

After hiking up Skiddaw, a popular beauty spot in the Lake District a woman didn’t hold back on what she thought about England’s third-highest peak.

Credit: Photo © Douglas Gemmell (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The beauty spot stands at 931 metres tall and boasts some fantastic views across the Lake District National Park. One TripAdvisor reviewer wasn’t happy with the thing and left her thoughts about Skiddaw naming it a ‘weak and poorly developed visitor attraction’.

She continued comparing it to the Welsh mountain Snowdon saying: “Snowdon has a funicular railway to carry people to the summit. At Snowdon summit there is an excellent visitor centre with the full range of facilities – and the whole operation attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors per year.

“Ascending to the summit of Skiddaw is an exhausting experience on the basis that the only means to get up there is to walk. It is just too high and too steep for most people. How can the Lake District National Park people expect people to go up there?”

Credit: Pixabay

Her harsh review continued: “I visited the summit this last weekend and was very disappointed with the experience. There was sod all to see and do there. If people had to pay to go there then nobody, and I mean nobody, would bother with it.

The young entrepreneur had some advice for the park, saying: “The National Park people should charge visitors £5 to go the summit and use the proceeds to develop it. Essentials include a proper visitor centre. Long to medium term, consideration should be given to building a funicular railway to Skiddaw summit.”

This was not the only one-star review for Skiddaw, with a man named BobScarlett taking on a similar stance and complaining about the lack of ‘things to do’ at the summit. We don’t know what he wants at the top… a bowling alley, nightclub, slide down?

A disgruntled Bob, who had clearly chosen to hike the mountain in the winter, wrote: “OK, I guess it is the third highest peak in England. But there isn’t a lot to do there.

Mostly garnering positive reviews, England’s third-highest peak is well worth the trip.

Feature Image Credit: Photo © Douglas Gemmell (cc-by-sa/2.0)/ Steve Cadman / Flickr

This article was originally published on The Yorkshireman.

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