New Miracle £1 Hangover Pill Goes On Sale In The UK Today

New Miracle £1 Hangover Pill Goes On Sale In The UK Today

We’ve all woken up after a few bevvies with that tired sluggish feeling, headache and a need for something greasy to soak up last night’s booze. After that comes the regret and a wish that you’d not had that last beer.

Well, a “ground-breaking” new £1 pill promises to cure hangovers and has gone on sale in the UK today after 30 years of development. It works as a preventative measure by breaking down alcohol before it reaches the liver.

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Invented by a scientist (and soon to be known as a legend) Johan de Faire invented the pill back in 1990 but has not released the Mrykl pill which promises to “rapidly break down alcohol”.

The new supplement costs just £30 for 30 tablets and is to be taken one to 12 hours before drinking. 70% of alcohol will be broken down in just 60 minutes according to medical journals. That’s right! Test subjects had 70% less alcohol in their bloodstream after two vodkas.

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But this doesn’t mean its intended for you to “drink more alcohol” and Mrkyl’s creators advise that “you should always limit your alcohol consumption within the government guidelines.” 

Håkan Magnusson, of Swedish inventors de Faire Medical, said: “Two drinks is enough to stop you feeling fresh in the morning.

“I hand it out to my friends when I go out for a drink and they always tell me next day they feel great.”

He added: “Marking the first time in history that a consumer product is demonstrated to effectively and rapidly break down alcohol, we are very excited to be launching this ground-breaking product in the UK and in most European markets. 

“Moderate social drinking is a huge part of British culture, with the majority of British people heading out each week to enjoy a few drinks together. 

“Myrkl’s purpose is therefore to help those regular moderate drinkers to wake up feeling their best the next day, whether they’re a busy working professional, young parents, or seniors who want to maintain an active social life.” 

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