The Quaint Tiny Lake District Village Is Home To Britain’s Number One Dessert

The Quaint Tiny Lake District Village Is Home To Britain’s Number One Dessert

Now, this is one of our all time favourite desserts. Whenever we visit a pub or restaurant for a meal we’ll always tuck into a sticky toffee pudding with custard.

And this Cumbrian village Cartmell has been home to the famous dessert for over 30 years. The small village in the Lake District National Park has made itself reknowned for the tasty treat.

Possibly one of the most famous desserts in the world, the village aren’t claiming to have created the dessert, but are sure willing to stick their name on it.

Credit: Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Co.

The origins of the beloved desserts are hard to pin down, but the tiny village of Cartlmel seems to be the custodian of England’s must famous dessert.

A visit to Cartmel wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Company, which was been making the dessert since 1984 and has soled in excess of 10 million puddings.

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Over 1,000 of the tasty desserts are sold in the shop over the counter every week, which consists of the businesses famous secret sauce.

There are many reasons to visit the Lake District, its stunning scenery is unmatched, but this has become our main reason for our next trip. And, we feel its’ as good as any

Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding
Credit: Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Co.

First developed for the shop by Howard and Jean Johns, who began running the King’s Arms pubin the village square back in 1971, and then took over the Cartmel Village shop in 1989 where the dessert began its journey.

The dessert can by found in supermarkets and other shops across the oucntry now, but there is nothing like going to the source and if you’d like an unmatched sticky toffee pudding, make sure you pay a visit to Cartmel village and the Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Company.

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